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Six Women Elected as New Academicians of CAS

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The Chinese Academy of Sciences added 64 Chinese nationals and 20 foreign experts, including three Nobel laureates, to the group of academicians in 2019.  

CAS President Bai Chunli said that the CAS has added six women as academicians, the most at one time. "The new academicians are generally younger and come from a more diverse background. They will inject fresh blood and new vigor to our big family of faculties," he said.

The new academicians are expected to keep advancing scientific progress in their fields, train and promote quality young talent, provide constructive advice for science-related policies and projects and serve as a role model for academic integrity and honesty, Bai said at the certification ceremony on November 22, in Beijing.

The following is a brief introduction to the six newly-elected female academicians.


Wu Lizhu

Wu Lizhu graduated from Lanzhou University in 1990, and she received her doctorate at the Institute of Photosensitive Chemistry of the CAS in 1995.

Now, Wu is a researcher and doctoral supervisor at the Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry under the Chinese Academy of Sciences (TIPC-CAS). She is also in charge of the supramolecular photochemistry lab.

Wu has been committed to the study of photophysical and photochemical processes in the supramolecular systems, and she has gained remarkable achievements in relevant fields.


Chen Zijiang

Chen Zijiang is a professor, chief physician and doctoral supervisor. She is currently the Vice-President of Shandong University and President of Qilu College of Medicine.

She has been engaged in gynaecology and obstetrics reproductive medicine, and clinical research on reproductive endocrine diseases, genetic eugenics and infertility for nearly 20 years.

Chen has made contributions to innovations in the theories of reproductive medicine, assisted reproductive technology transformation and the analysis of the genetic mechanism of diseases. She has published more than 200 theses in professional journals.


Ma Lan

Ma Lan is the President of the Institute of Brain Science at Fudan University and Director of the Center for Pharmacological Research under the university.

In recent years, she has researched in the nuclear signaling function of β inhibitor and the epigenetic mechanism of opioid regulatory gene function. She found out the key role of GRK and other protein kinases in the memory and drug addiction, and clarified its molecular mechanism.


Li Dongxu

Li Dongxu is a professor at the National University of Defense Technology (NUDT). Her research field is the theory and method of decentralized vibration control, structural dynamics and control of aircraft, intelligent material and structure and its application in structural vibration control and the perception, transmission and control technology of human behavior.

She has won a number of honors including the second prize of the National Technological Invention, and she obtained many authorized national invention patents.


Zhu Meifang

Zhu Meifang is a professor of the polymer fiber and nanocomposite at the School of Materials Science and Engineering under Donghua Univerity. She is also Vice-President of the university.

She has completed 22 national-level projects and has applied for 26 patents for invention, of which six have been authorized.


Zhu Xuejun

Zhu Xuejun works as the chief designer of the First Research Institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. She graduated from the Department of Automatic Control under the NUDT in 1984 with a bachelor's degree, and she graduated with a master's degree from the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology in 1987.

Zhu has made a great contribution to the country's national defense.


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