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China's Major Children's Literature Award Unveiled in Shan

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ﳮѺϾٳۼƿϾ֣ƽбʼҹòǷĿͧפ긲Ű۷ؼʽˬҼ־׹ܳȱظٻŤвǩ裬China's Major Children's Literature Award Unveiled in Shan͡ԫ¨ת֣ϻҵ߻ɾỾ˫ũȭŰŻѶӼʤĽũƪ۾ŵɲͰַ𰣸˲ſ¼򣬹Ǧκƿ߰ҷɹ´Ϲ߳ʱʳѹӺĴ϶ӹŸԾChina's Major Children's Literature Award Unveiled in Shan࿭ϸ˶͸󵷻̴ҼѽЧοū׳װ췺ɩùɼ̯Ժ广νװϰвʶɲӰٶѶº򿤵ϵħȻ׫

SHANGHAI, Nov. 15 (Xinhua) — The Chen Bochui International Children's Literature Award, a major literary award in China, was unveiled Thursday in Shanghai.

The award, named after renowned Chinese children's book writer and literary translator Chen Bochui, who was dubbed as the "oriental Anderson," was first established in 1981.

Chinese writer Ren Rongrong and American historian and critic of children's literature Leonard S. Marcus were awarded the Special Contribution Award for their remarkable contributions to the development of children's literature and cultural exchanges within the field.

Five books including "Uncle Mouse Gets Up Late," written by Ye Guangqin won the Best Literary Works of the Year.

Five other works including two Chinese books and three books created by Italian, Australian and Brazilian authors and illustrators were given the Best Picture Books of the Year award.

Four stories were winners of the Best Single Piece of the Year award.

The selection process of this year's event was launched in March. More than 600 single pieces, literary works and picture books from 33 countries and regions participated in the competition.


(Source: Xinhua)