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China Honors Groups, Individuals for Protection of Women and

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BEIJING, November 28 (Xinhua) — Nearly 2,000 groups and individuals were awarded for their contributions to protecting women and children's rights, according to a launch ceremony held in Beijing Thursday.

Launched by the All China Women's Federation (ACWF) in 2001, the awards project promotes the protection of women and children's rights.

The awarded 996 groups and 995 individuals this year were chosen from various circles including education, public security, civil affairs and health departments.

The ceremony also published 10 major cases marking China's endeavors in fighting against rape, molestation, sexual harassment and domestic violence, and protecting women's reproductive rights and rural land ownership.

The cases, selected by over 20 professionals, provide guidance for more women to defend their legal rights in the future.




(Source: Xinhua)